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    [​IMG] [​IMG][/IMG] Một thể loại game hành động nhập vai giống Diablo được phát hành vào tháng 7 năm 2015. Không có quá nhiều khác biệt, từ đồ họa cho tới gameplay. Dẫu vậy, với những ai yêu thích dòng game Diablo, thì đây vẫn là một tựa game nhập vai rất đáng để chơi thử. Mình đã dịch game này cũng lâu lắm rồi có một mình lâu lâu vô chọt vài câu nên tới giờ vẫn còn gần 50% chưa dịch. Một đoạn chữ bị lỗi là do gõ nhầm mã font.

    Chỉnh sửa cuối: 10/8/17
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    mình đang dịch game này cần người phụ dịch thêm tại vốn tiếng anh mình yếu lắm. Bạn hay bạn nào muốn tham gia thì inbox
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    Bây giờ thời gian của mình quá rảnh, chả làm gì suốt ngày chỉ có ăn, chơi game, rồi ngủ
    Rất muốn giúp bạn mà trình tiếng anh thì như đứa mới vỡ lòng, nếu sử dụng google dịch rồi từ từ suy ra được không bạn? Nếu được mình cũng muốn giúp lắm, :gach:
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    Old Translation
    <concerned> Isn't there a way to persuade you not to do this, Victor?
    <mocking>It could be very, very dangerous…and I've grown to be quite fond of you.
    Between two worlds life hovers like a star, twixt night and morn, upon the horizon's verge.
    <laughter> The ghostly Tzar found his death here, you know.
    I wonder what you'll find. <laughter>
    Lots of valuable goods stashed in this place.
    This was probably a safehouse for the local criminals.
    Funny word - safehouse. No safe place in this city.
    BOOM! <laughter>
    <sarcastic> You love spiders, don't you, Victor? I think she likes you as well.
    Perhaps you should put down your weapon and embrace her.
    What a tragic end to such a beautiful love story.
    Alas, these times of woe afford no time to woo.
    The fungi in Zagoravia do not usually glow in the dark.
    It looks like those have been tainted by otherworldly energies as well.
    This chap was far scarier when he was alive.
    He was a mime by trade. Believe me, death is an improvement.
    What? Are we right back where we started?
    That can't be right. Go and make another lap around the cave!
    <laughter> I can't believe you really did that.
    You are so gullible, Victor, it is a wonder you made it this far.
    Will you do another lap, just for me?
    Ossuaries were used as mass graves in ancient times.
    Plagues and wars filled them in a matter of months.
    Makes you wonder, how much the dead outnumber the living.
    And is this truly our world or theirs?
    The chapel is set ablaze with fires that give no heat.
    The forces of darkness have already worked their way into the sanctum.
    I wonder if the spirit of the Tzar is still uncorrupted or am I just rushing into the next sinister trap?
    Mortal, I sense the taint, the demon powers even in you! Do not come any further.
    Don't listen to him, Victor. Your powers have grown beyond his understanding. You must push forward to accomplish your goals.
    I, Borimir the First Hunter, banish the shadows from this holy place!
    Begone back into the Well of Worlds!
    I shall suffer you no more, abominations! Your foul taint has tarnished my city for too long!
    The wraiths are too strong for my fading powers! You will have to trust the steel in your hand and your heart to deal with the rest.
    Thank you for this, tainted hunter. I am Tzar Borimir, the first hunter. I had sworn to fight the demons in our world. It was I who built Zagoravia and established the hunter’s Family to guard a secret that could destroy us all.||I built this city to hide and seal the Well of Worlds - a gateway to countless worlds beyond ours, populated by demons and cosmic horrors beyond imagination and comprehension.
    For generations my legacy has been passed down the royal lineage of Zagoravia. In time my own kin forgot my words and the purpose given to them. And now - NOW - one of my own blood has sealed a dark pact with the very forces I had sworn to fight.
    But who are you? I sense the demon taint within you! Flee, and do not turn back, for the Well of Worlds will corrupt your thoughts and tempt your heart!
    I've been running away all my life. It is my time to stand and fight. Let me tell you my story…
    Once upon a time, there was a prosperous kingdom.
    Its citizens enjoyed a life of wealth, luxury and knowledge.
    Until its greedy neighbors joined forces in a vile plot.
    Three armies surrounded the city and its fall was inevitable.
    The young prince, heir to the throne, was willing to do anything and everything to save the kingdom.
    In this most desperate hour, an old man whispered to him.
    <old man voice>"Open yourself to powers beyond this world, for this world has forsaken you."
    <old man voice> "Seal your fate, my prince!"
    Those words burned the mind of the prince as fire.
    He took the power he was offered and fought like a demon, summoning lightning and fire from the sky.
    He turned the tide and the invaders fled in fear.
    He was a hero, a warrior of unseen power.
    But great power always comes at a great price.
    The children starved, for the crops would not grow.
    His father died of an unknown illness.
    His lands withered in decay.
    For the price of his power was the death and decay of everything around him.
    Even though he was the last of his bloodline, the prince left his kingdom, for if he stayed, his people would suffer and perish.
    Now he wanders the world alone, never staying in one place for long, lest his curse catches up with him.
    I understand how you became tainted, hunter. Your past mistakes may be attributed to the foolishness of youth.||But are you any wiser now? Can you face demons and keep your hunter’s word?
    I’m far past amends and redemption. But my heart is true. What must be done to break a demon pact?
    There is a way. You must find the physical object that embodies the deal. Destroy it and the contract is void. The trouble is this pact lies in the demon world.
    Point me towards the gate to the demon world, Borimir! Tell me where to find the Well of Worlds!
    I will reveal the location of the Well to you, hunter, but not yet. If you aim to release Zagoravia from its curse in the demon world, then I suggest you make sure there is a city left when you return.
    There are several demons currently in Zagoravia of immense power. Each one of them has the potential to annihilate the city and all survivors.||I beseech you to defeat these monstrosities first. Return victorious and I will entrust you with the secret of the Well of Worlds.
    Didn't you like that chap better when he recited nonsensical poetry to you?
    Tad too arrogant for a thousand year old corpse, I would say.
    Spiders. Why does it have to be spiders!
    Lava Creepers. Very dangerous!
    Oh, look at all those spider eggs.
    I wonder how many there are?
    Let's count them! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten...
    fifty seven, fifty eight, fifty nine...
    Ah, you made me lose count. Now I have to start all over again.
    One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten...
    Four hundred forty seven, four hundred forty eight, four hundred forty nine, four hundred fifty, four hundred fifty one, four hundred fifty two and four hundred fifty three.
    Let's see... <mumbling> four hundred and fifty three multiplied by eight...
    That's a grand total of three thousand, six hundred and twenty four legs.
    <loud> KABOOM! <laughter>
    Vail! The ancient corruption walks once again.
    I must follow his soul to find the phylactery.
    There it is. I have to destroy this phylactery!
    Oh, I've always wanted to meet Vail. His work is quite inspiring.
    You would never guess half the things you can do with a carcass, let alone with hundreds of them. This bloke has quite the imagination, yes.
    Spiders. <sigh> Here we go again...
    <excited>Marvelous! IT’S ABSOLUTELY MARVELOUS!
    Some sport you are! The poor bugger was on his back!
    Yes, yes, sure, just waltz into its lair uninvited and start trashing the place!
    And so, our valiant hero has once again emerged victorious, slaying demonic spiders and defenseless stone columns alike, all in the name of better loot...
    Oh my, vampires!
    Don't worry, if they don't sparkle, you should be safe.
    On second thought, those vampires seem more formidable than the monsters you've faced before.
    Are you sure you are up to the challenge?
    We wouldn't want you to end up like your buddy Adrian, would we?
    Oh, look, a circus! I've always loved circus performances!
    In fact, Zagoravia is one big circus right now.
    All kinds of freaks and sights presented to the eager audience. In this case - me.
    And your role is to play the clown, don't you think, Victor?
    I heard an entity called Apocalypse resides in this cave.
    Can you smell it? Something stinks!
    Maybe the conspiracy that you think surrounds Zagoravia?
    Oh, nevermind, it's only the sewer shaft over there!
    Are you lost, Victor? There is nothing interesting in this direction.
    Turn back and let's go see the circus!
    Good, you've crossed running water!
    Those nasty-nasty vampires can't get you now. Right?
    Never have I set foot in a more unnatural place.  I’ve grown used to rot and decay, but this… ice and snow in this season?
    The cold is cutting through to my bones. Yet it is nothing compared to the chill of anticipating the demon that sucked the warmth out of this place.
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    Chắc mình bó tay rồi, rất muốn giúp nhưng mà lại không thể nào dịch sát nghĩa câu được nhờ vào sự giúp đỡ của google dịch thì cũng như không @@
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    bạn quả là cuồng các game giống Diablo :))
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    còn game Van Helsing Final Cut mà dài quá
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    Space Sector 2814
    Các bạn hoàn thành/bỏ Titan Quest rồi à?[​IMG]
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    vẫn đang làm đó chứ
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    Mình thích thể loại game mà nhóm trước giờ vh, Titan Quest Anniversary Edition chờ lâu quá mình chơi lại về nước r, mong sao game này hoàn thành trước tết để có cái để chơi ^^!.
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    Có thể cho mình tham gia không ạ. Mới bắt đầu tập tành. Mail mình là annguyen.cdla@gmail.com
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    hoan nghênh bạn đến với game này mình sẽ gửi text cho bạn dịch được không
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    Vâng. Bác gửi text đi ạ, mail em để ở trên r đó
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    Tựa game hay quá, mong là dự an k bi drop
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